1. Lancers is a legal and tax consultancy, located in Amsterdam. The laws of the Netherlands are applicable.

2. Assignments will only be accepted and carried into effect by either the partners of Lancers jointly, or the partners separately. In the matter of assignments accepted and to be carried into effect by the partners jointly, article 7:407 section 2 of the Dutch Civil Code does not apply.

3. The liability of Lancers' partners is restricted to the amount to which a claim is awarded under the professional liability insurance(s) of the partner(s) in the matter concerning, to be augmented by the amount of the 'own-risk' which will not be at cost to the insurance company with accord to the terms and conditions of the insurance policy. If required, further information will be provided concerning the professional liability insurance contracts signed by Lancers.

4. Any persons/clients making use of the services rendered by the partners of Lancers grants authorisation to the persons rendering these services, to give other persons of Lancers access to necessary information, if this is of benefit to the services provided.

5. If the services of a third party on client matters is considered useful and / or necessary, the client concerned will be consulted with in advance in so far as practically possible. Due care will be exercised in choosing the third party. Lancers' partners are not liable for any shortcomings of the third party. Lancers' partners are also entitled to accept (also) on behalf of the client, any restriction of liability of the third party invoked, without prior consultation with the client.

6. The legal relation between the partners of Lancers and the client as well as those using the services of the first-named is submitted to Dutch laws.

7. The competent court in Amsterdam, the Netherlands will exclusively arrange in disputes.

8. Rights of action and other powers of whatever nature against the partners of Lancers jointly or separately regarding services rendered by or on their behalf, always lapse one year after the moment on which the party concerned took cognizance, or reasonably could have taken cognizance of the existence of these rights and powers.

9.The general conditions are stipulated for the partners of Lancers as well as for their employees and former employees.

10.These general conditions are drafted in the Dutch and English language. With any difference in interpretation, the Dutch version is decisive.